Flaming Hot Firewood Tips

Some of our handy tips so you get the most out of your fire this winter.

When Should I Buy My Firewood?

The earlier you buy your firewood the more time it has to season/dry and the better the quality once you want to burn it. We recommend buying in spring or the latest in summer. (Some organised people are even one year ahead). Don't leave it too late as it's very hard to dry wood in winter with the humidity as it is.

Tips For Burning Wood

Dry wood burns hotter and cleaner. Dry wood won't soot up your chimney as much.
Keep your fire burning well as burning wood at a high temperature results in a cleaner burn.

Firewood Storage Tips

Firewood is best stored:
In a sunny and windy spot, with little to no shade and not prone to flooding.
In a well ventilated area like a wood shed or a covered area outside.
Off the ground e.g. concrete or pallets to allow better air flow. If you use wood pallets do cover them first with a sheet of plastic as the wooden pallets absorb water.
If you stack it, rather than throw it, make sure you do stack it away from a wall (or leave a gap).
Stack it only in a single row (or leave a gap in between the rows). Stack it not too neatly but rather leave air gaps so the sun and breeze can get to all sides of the wood and draw moisture from it for the best outcome.
For those storing their firewood in closed buildings, you need to get organised early in the season (or be a full season ahead). Dry your wood first outside and then move it inside.

If Your Fire Is Not Burning Very Well Check:

Is the chimney and the firebox clean?
Are the fire bricks in the firebox in good condition? Or are they broken and falling apart?
If you have a smallish firebox you may find that splitting your wood in half will improve the way the fire performs i.e. 3 or 4 smaller pieces will burn much better than 2 big pieces jammed in there.
Running your fireplace fully dampered down can be a false economy – producing little heat, lots of smoke and blocking up your chimney. Every fireplace is different and with some experience you should find a "sweet spot" where yours burns nicely - giving you a cosy home.

What Is Seasoned Firewood?

When people say 'dry firewood' what they really mean is 'seasoned firewood'. Seasoned firewood has the sap dried out of it. Moisture content less than 25% is considered seasoned. Seasoned firewood is easier to light, easier to keep burning, it produces less smoke, it burns hotter and produces more heat.