Firewood To Keep You Cosy

Different types of wood play different roles in making a great fire. We've outlined our selection of firewood and how they differ below.

We deliver (please see delivery below) or ute loads, boot loads, and trailer loads are available for pick up from our yard in Richmond, by prior appointment please.

(Please note, No eftpos facility)


Radiata Pine

Radiata pine is our softwood. It catches fire easily and is a rather fast burning wood due to its low density. It has high heat output.

Pine is a great wood to start the fire with and it is easy to split (once it's dry). We recommend using it to get the fire going good and then put some medium or hard wood on it to keep it burning for longer. Pine is suited for log burners and open fires.

Our pine is plantation pine. Not 'old man pine'. Old man pine means it is older than 30 years therefore more sappy and burns a bit hotter and less quick.

Once pine is seasoned/sap dry, it is best stored out of the rain or covered as it soaks up the rain well. Ideally it is stored somewhere with good ventilation.

Pine FirewoodPine firewoodPine Firewood

Medium Wood

Douglas Fir

Douglas fir is a medium density wood, burns well, produces high heat output. It still catches fire easily. Is easy to split.

It has a distinct orange centre with whitish ring towards the bark. Light in weight, so easy to handle.

It can cope with being stored outside and uncovered as it does not soak up the rain as easily as pine.

Douglas Fir FirewoodDouglas Fir FirewoodDouglas Fir Firewood


Gum (Sorry, currently unavailable)

Gum is our hardwood. It is slow burning and produces a lot of heat. Gum is hard to split and can be rather difficult to start the fire with.

Gum is suited for log burners and open fires. (Hardwood is not easily affected by a bit of rain and can cope with being stored outside and uncovered.)

Gum for long burning firewoodGum FirewoodGum Firewood

Chopping Blocks, Kindling & Untreated Sawdust

We also offer hardwood chopping blocks. These are available on request.

We have bags of kindling, making it easy to start your fire. This is also available at the road stall at the end of Queen Victoria Street/Pah Street in Motueka.

And fresh, untreated (pine) sawdust available either by the sack or by the trailer load. Perfect for so many things from pet bedding to garden mulch – pick up only please.

Hardwood firewood chopping blockHardwood Chopping BlockHardwood Chopping Block

Sustainably Sourced

Sustainability is important to us. We source our timber/logs from local forestry companies. It is either forestry waste or a grade unsuitable for export or milling. So it is either used for firewood or sawmills will chip it.

Some of the firewood we source comes from shelter belts (trees planted as shelter around e.g. orchards or plantations) that need to replaced or are no longer required.

Leaving forestry waste to rot in the forest produces more carbon dioxide than using it as firewood (given it is seasoned/dry). It also presents the problem of slash runoff in heavy rains.

So our firewood is not only renewable/sustainable but also environmentally friendly.

Douglas Fir FirewoodDouglas Fir FirewoodSustainable Firewood


The minimum we deliver is 3.6m3 (= the equivalent of the old 'cord' - no longer a legal measure). Our truck holds 2 bins of 3.6m3.

Pine: $375 per 3.6m3
Douglas fir: $410 per 3.6m3
Gum: $450 per 3.6m3 Sorry, currently unavailable

Please note: Some prices will go up in the winter/early spring months. Due to demand, all wood is subject to availability.

Firewood delivered in Nelson & TasmanFirewoodFirewood To Warm Your Home


Delivery is free to Nelson city, Richmond, Brightwater, Wakefield, Mapua, Motueka and anywhere in between for 3.6m3. Anything beyond might incur a delivery fee.

Atawhai and beyond, Riwaka and beyond, Ngatimoti as well as anything beyond Wakefield will incur a delivery fee. Please contact us for details.

Pick up: You are welcome to buy less than 3.6m3 but you will need to pick it up yourself. Pick ups by appointment only please – as we are often out and about on deliveries.

Firewood delivered in the Nelson and Tasman regionsFirewood DeliveryFirewood Delivery In Nelson & Tasman Regions


We are not part of the good wood scheme of Nelson and Tasman DC. Mainly because we do not always sell fully seasoned firewood - especially in spring and summer – but we will notify you of that. And we are confident that the wood will be seasoned and ready to burn by the time you want to burn it as long as you store it in a well ventilated area (not tin sheds or locked garages). For more info on how to store your firewood click here.

Size: The average length of our wood is 30-35cm, there will be the odd piece that is smaller and the odd bit that will be a bit bigger. Special size: we are happy to do a special cut for you, however this will incur an additional charge as it requires more work and you will get more wood. A special cut will have to be ordered between September and early December.

Terms & Conditions As the ministry of consumer affairs states: It is a legal requirement for firewood to be sold as a ‘thrown measure’. This means that the quantity of wood is measured as if it were thrown into a container – not stacked.

Winter Mixed FirewoodWinter FirewoodWinter Firewood